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Tibet Discovery with general introduction and useful information about various aspects of Tibet is a gateway for you to know this mysterious region. Here you can get the brief introduction of Tibet about its geography, weather, history, religion and language. Information about Tibet culture is also provided ranging from festivals, colthes, food and drinks, opera, jewelry, painting, handicrafts, to Tibetan medicine, music and dancing... Of course we won't forget to give you a overview of Tibetan people and their life. To discover Tibet, you must take a visit there personally. Before that, we hope you could kindly browse this page and get the introduction and information on almost everything about Tibet!

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Question:Hi, I’m a colloge student from Germany and now studying in Beijing Language University. I want to learn Tibetan language and culture. Do you have any suggestions? Besides, where is the best Tibetan restaurant in Beijing, better to have Tibetan music and dance.

Answer:The best way to learn Tibetan culture and language is to go to Tibet in person. I think Lhasa University is the first choice. You can check their website for details. They have special column for overseas students. Makye Ame and Yang Jin Ma are famous Tibetan restaurants in Beijing. They serve authentic Tibetan food.