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When people think of Tibet, the picture that usually comes to mind is the holy city of Lhasa, Mt. Everest, the Potala Palace or perhaps the Dalai Lama in red clothing. The Tibet can easily overload your photos, as it is a journey of overwhelming culture and breathtaking landscape. They are so attractive for all the tourists and photographers. Well, a picture speaks louder than a thousand words. Here we offer a series of Tibet pictures ranging from its featured attractions, unique culture, amazing scenery to its different life and people. The pictures and photos we collected will well illustrate the beauty and diversity of the mysterious Tibet!

With the high altitude, mysterious culture and highland landscapes, Tibet provides the best opportunity to the foreign guests for their scenic and cultural photography there. Here are some valuable tips for the photography lovers:Due to the extreme temperature and harsh climate in Tibet, photographers....

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Question:Your Tibet picture gallery provides great photos! I'm interested in a photo tour of Tibet. What I need is to go to the standard places and then end at Everest base camp and Katmandu. Thanks for any info about any specialized Tibet photo tours.

Answer:Glad to know you like our Tibet pictures. They are all photos taken by our tourists and staffs to Tibet. So far, we don't have tour package specializing in photography of Tibet. But we would like to customize one for you. Please view details in your email. Welcome to send us some of your Tibet pictures to us, which may have the chance to be published on our site!