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Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about Tibet Tours and all information on Tibet Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our Tibet travel advisors. Hope the Tibet FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Tibet Tours.

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Question Source>Who We Are : Thank you for offering such a good website about Tibet travel. We are interested in 11-Day Tibet Tour with Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. May we first send you USD500 online as a deposit, and pay the rest upon our arrival to Tibet?
Answer: Please view the details about paying tour fare in Payment Method. There’s no problem for you to complete the payment until you arrive in Tibet. Actually, we have branch offices in Beijing, Xian, Tibet and Shanghai, all of which are in your tours. We suggest your balance due in Beijing, where our headquater locates. And welcome to our company for a visit!
Question Source>Tibet Tour Package : After viewing all of your Tibet tour packages, I found none of them could meet our needs. My wife and I are planning to travel to Lhasa, Shigatse, Nagqu, Mt. Everest Base Camp and overland to Nepal. Can you provide such tour packages like this?
Answer: We have made an trial itinerary on base of your requirements and sent it to your email. Please check. Feel free to contact us if there is anything cannot meet your satisfaction. We would like to provide customized Tibet tour package for you.
Question Source>Tibet Travel Permits : Hi. Could you help me obtain the Tibet travel permits? I would like to travel to Tibet independently and book hotels on my own. Would that be OK? Besides, do I need other specific permits or documents if I want to visit Mt. Everest Base Camp?
Answer: Sorry, the "permit-only" service is not available. We only help the clients, who book tibet tours with us, apply for all necessary Tibet travel permits. Alien’s Travel Permit (PSB) is required if you want to visit Mt. Everest Base Camp. We have Tibet tour packages including E.B.C. Welcome to have a view.
Question Source>Tibet Train Tour : I notice that all your Tibet Train Tour packages get on the train leaving Lhasa. What if I want to take the Tibet train from Xian to Lhasa?
Answer: Please understand that it is very difficult to purchase train tickets for trains going to Tibet since the Qinghai Tibet Railway was put into use. Sometimes, the booking fees of tibet train are can be very high. While the outgoing train tickets from Tibet are more guaranteed. So we strongly advise take Tibet train back from Lhasa and experience the Qinghai-Tibet railway on the return trip, which has the identical experience.
Question Source>Tibet Travel Tips : My wife and I are planning to travel in Tibet. Our agent has arranged a guide and driver there for us. I was wondering do we have to leave tips at the end of the tour? If so, how much the tip should be? Thanks.
Answer: It requires tips when you travel Tibet with guide and driver. However, there's no unified standard. Amount of tips totally depends on the quality of their service. Following the international tip practice would be fine.
Question Source>Tibet Travel Guide : Hi. If we book your Tibet tour, could you provide a Tibetan tour guide? German-speaking is better, because we are from Austria. Besides, will it be the same guide during our Tibet tour?
Answer: Hello. We have many tourists ask for Tibetan tour guide and we are glad to provide the guide service. We have not only English-speaking tour guides, but also guides who speak German, Spanish, etc. However, I should to remind you that Germany-speaking guide service will be a little expensive. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.
Question Source>Tibet Trekking Tours : We are a group of 6 and interested in your 16-Day Tiebt Trecking Tour. Can we have two nights camping outside? We need you to offer tents, some fresh fruits and a experienced guide. Looking forward to your reply. By the way, when is the best time to do trekking in Tibet?
Answer: Glad to know that you have interest to our trekking tour. We have tent rental service. Fresh fruits and experience guide can also be prepared for you. June to August is the best time to trek in Tibet. Please check the itinerary sent to your email and let us know your opinions anytime.
Question Source>Tsetang Town Travel Guide : Is Tsetang Town higher than Lhasa?
Answer:Tsetang Town is at the altitude of 3560 meters; Lhasa city, 3650 meters. Tsetang Town is relatively lower.
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