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Chambaling Monastery

Chambaling Monastery Tour

Chambaling Monastery, located in the crisscrossing mountain ranges between the Ngom Qu and Tsarchu Rivers, was founded during the Ming period by a disciple of Tsongkapa, after Tsongkapa's religious reform in Tibet. It got its name because the master Buddha of the monastery is the Buddha of Great Kindness (Chamba). It is the largest Gelug Sect monastery in Chamdo region and can be divided into five colleges: the Lingtod, Lingme, Nupling, Kuchuk, and Chagra-khapa. Chambaling Monastery, similar to other major Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, is famous for its well-reserved statues, frescos and Tangkas (Buddhist paintings). Another feature of this Monastery is that all monks here do business apart from spiritual cultivation. The money and interest were divided fairly to the monks. Because Qamdo has traditionally been a passage that linked Sichuan and Tibet, doing business became the main occupation of local residents including in the monks in the Chambaling Monastery. The monastery committee consists of 11 persons, including 1 supervisor and 3 assistant supervisors.
They are in charge of monastery's construction, security, teaching and finance, etc. All Buddhas begin to read the Buddhism books at 7a.m, then have seminar in afternoon, and review what they have done the whole day at 6 p.m. If anyone did not obey the rule, the monastery would quit him. The Monastery has always maintained good relationship with successive interior imperial courts. The giant living Buddha of the monastery had been granted honorable titles by Emperor Kangxi in Qing dynasty. It still keeps the brass seal granted to Phagpalha Living Buddha during Emperor Kangxi's Reign. The religious dance named Guqing is performed during every Tibetan New Year (one month after New Year’s Day). Dancers perform in splendid costumes. The dance enjoys high reputation in the Tibet Plateau and is worth looking. Since the monastery is located at the highest part of Chamdo Town, visitors can have a bird view of the whole county from here. Here are some guide information for travelling to Chambaling Monastery,. Address: Chamdo Town of Tibet.. Admission Fee: Free. Contact Number: 86- 10-85968802

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Question:Is Chambaling Monastery near the town center Chamdo? If I take a local bus, how long will it take from Lhasa to this towm?

Answer:Hi, Chambaling Monastery is not far from the town center in Chamdo, just located in the suburban. Chamdo is about 1000 Kilometers from Lhasa, if you take the the local bus, it will take about 4 days.