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Tradruk Temple

Travel to Changzhug Monastery

Tradruk Temple (Changzhug Monastery) was built in the seventh century, located by the highway on the east bank of Yalong River in Nedong County, Shannan Prefecture. It has been repaired many times in various historical periods. It is said that Songtsen Gampo came and stayed here together with his wife Princess Wencheng after he established the capital in Lhasa. And Princess Wencheng planted the willow trees around the monastery. The monastery houses a precious Thangka picture of Buddha inlaid with pearls and gems, which is the precious treasure in this monastery. It is 2 meters long, 1.2 meters wide, with 29026 pearls, 1 diamond, 2 rubies, 1 sapphire, and 15.5 gram gold on it. Address:Nêdong County, Lhokha Prefecture  Contact number: 0086-10-85968802  Admission Fee:CNY 15  Opening Hours: 09:00-16:00

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Question:Changzhug Monastery (Tradruk Temple), oldest temple in Tibet, legend says king exterminated 5 dragons in lake near temple and built temple in victory.

Answer:Thank you for sharing your Tibet travel experience with us. Changzhug Monastery (Tradruk Temple) is one of popular Tibet attractions and top things to do in Tibet. Your comments will be a great help for those who plan their Tibet tours.