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Guge Kingdom Ruins

Ruins of Guge Kingdom Travel

The Ruins of Guge Kingdom is located in the Ngarin prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, covering an area of 180,000 square meters. The Ruins of Guge Kingdom lies on a hilltop near a river and used to be the Old Summer Palace of Tibet. After the collapse of the Tubo Kingdom, a descendant of King Lang Darma who fled from Lhasa established the Guge Kingdom in about the 10th century. The kingdom played a significant role in the second renascence and the economic and cultural development of Tibet at that time, and survived for about 700 years before disappearing mysteriously in the 17th century. After the large-scale excavation started in 1985, lots of sculpture works and mural paintings were unearthed in the Ruins of Guge Kingdom. Houses, cave dwellings, monasteries and stupas were found on the hill and surrounding area. There are more than 400 houses and 800 caves, scattering on the 300 - meter - high mountain slope. The buildings are carved out of the rock, and many murals, statues and other artifacts survive today, to the great delight of Tibetan Buddhists.
The destroyed city walls and the natural earthen forests exist harmoniously. The main ruins of the Guge Kingdom are in Zarang, the capital of the Guge Kingdom, covering an area of 720,000 square meters. It is the second largest building complexes in Tibet next to the Potala Palace and the main buildings include the Red Temple, White Temple and Mandala Hall. The most precious thing is the murals on the walls of Samsara Hall which is more than 1,000 square meters. And the wall of Guge is actually a library of stone inscriptions, which are equally impressive as its murals. Here is some guide information for your tour to the Ruins of Guge Kingdom: It is convenient to hire a vehicle, as Guge Kingdom ruins are 18 km from the county town of Zhada. Tourists who take buses should get off at Zhabran Village, which is south of the county town. Then, there is several kilometers' walk before reaching the place; It’s better to bring flashlight to the Ruins of Guge Kingdom, as it is dark inside the palace; Admission Fee: CNY 90(but CNY 200-400 for a foreign tourist).

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Question:We went to visit the ruins of Guge kingdom last September. That place appeared so massive and bleak that fully impressed us. We wondered how splendid the Guge kingdom was but today it only left us fantasies and guesses.

Answer:Thank you for sharing your Tibet travel experience with us. Guge Kingdom Ruins is one of popular Tibet attractions and top things to do in Tibet. Your comments will be a great help for those who plan their Tibet tours.