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Mapam Yumco Lake

Lake Manasarovar Tour

Mapam Yumco Lake (Lake Manasarovar) is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet, lies 20 km southeast of Mt Kailash and is north to Namnani Peak. It is the highest freshwater lake in the world. With an altitude of 4,588 meters, Mapam Yumco lake covers an area of 412 sq. km and has a maximum depth of 70 meters. Mapam Yumco in Tibetan means the eternal and invincible jade lake, named to mark the victory of Buddhism over the local Bon Religion in the 11tth century. Xuan Zang (600-664), an eminent monk of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), described Mapam Yumco Lake in his book Records of Western Travels as a jade pond in west. Mapam Yumco enjoys a reputation equal to the holy mountain. Mapam Yumco Lake once appeared in many religious records and legends. There used to be nine monasteries surrounding the lake. Gyiwu Monastery and Curgu Monastery are the best known of them.
The area surrounding Curgu Monastery is respected as a holy and pure bathing place. Buddhist followers believe that the water here can wash away five malignancies of the human soul (greed, anger, craziness, sloth and jealousy) and can remove filth from human skin. As a result, the holy lake is crowded with people who come to take a bath every year. Buddhists believe that water in the lake can wash away "five malignancies of the human soul" and can remove filth from human skin and purify the soul. So many people come here to take a bath and even carry samples of water from the holy lack back home for relatives and friends. Address: 35 Kilometers to the east of Pulan County in Ngari Prefecture  Contact number: 0086-10-85968802   Admission Fee:Free    Opening Hours: 24 Hours

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