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Tips for Entertainment

Tibet Entertainment Tips

Traveling in Tibet, you can not only enjoy the unique culture and customs, but also relax yourself in various entertainment centers. Besides the various festivals, there are more than hundreds of cultural palaces and clubs offering entertainment and sports facilities to ordinary Tibetans, holy monks as well as visitors. A wide range of food, drinks, and other entertainments are available in most cities and towns.
There are a great number of bars and cafes in Tibet, among the most popular in Lhasa can be named:
(A) Niwei Recreation City Opposite Youth Mansion, North Linkhor Road, Lhasa;
(B) Kelsang Metok Minzhu Recreation Center, Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa;
(C) Salon Nightclub near Lhasa Military Branch Region, Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa;
(D) Good Memories Coffee and Bar No.18, Norbu Lingka Road, Lhasa.
Also, Tibet can be proud of a wide chain stores, boutiques and shops, the most interesting and worth visiting places in Lhasa are:
(A) Barkhor Street Bazaar Inside Barkhor Street;
(B) Tibetan Medicine Monopoly of the Tibet Medicine College;
(C) Tibet Sera Carpet Factory Sera Monastery, Sera Road, Lhasa Carpets.

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