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Tibet Permit

Tibet Entry Permit, also known as TTB Permit, is an official document issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau and a must for foreign visitors to visit Lhasa and other cities in Tibetan Autonomous Region. Tibet is slightly more complicated when it comes to travel permits than elsewhere in China. Due to the restriction of the numbers of foreign visitors, Tibet Tourism Bureau officially issued the permit to the foreigners who will travel in Tibet. No foreign visitor can visit Tibet without holding the Tibet Entry Permit in their hands. Tibet Entry Permit is not available for independent travelers. You have to travel in tour group and ask legitimate travel agency to apply it for you. We are glad to help clients whose Tibet tours are arranged by us obtain the Tibet Entry Permit. Please prepare the following information before we help apply the TTB Permit:
1) Full name
2) Passport Number
3) Nationality
4) Gender
5) Date of Birth
6) Occupation.
(All exactly the same with your passport).

We are glad to make all arrangements to help obtain the necessary documents if you book Tibet tour with us. The cost of Tibet Permit includes government charges and service fees, which will be included in the Tibet tour quotation we give. An absolute minimum of five working days is required to apply your Tibet permits. If you book a Tibet tour from abroad, we may ask for up to one month to arrange Tibet permits. Please note that we do not offer "permit-only" service if you do not book Tibet tour with us. And we are not responsible for any cancellation of your Tibet tours if you are refused to get a Tibet permit by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. There are other two kinds of Tibet permits you may need for Tibet tours apart from Tibet Entry Permit (TTB Permit): Alien's Travel Permit (PSB Permit): it is required if you want to travel to the closed areas in Tibet, which you can obtain after arrival in Tibet. More details about Alien's Travel Permit:'s-travel-permit.htm Military Permit (Permission): you have to obtain it if you are planning to travel to some military sensitive areas in Tibet. More details about Tibet Military Permit:

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