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Tibet Join-in Tour (Seat-in-Coach Tour) with a small group of tourists is a more economic means for the more budget-conscious. Compared with our private tours, your guide who speaks good English and be knowledgeable about Tibet, will divide his or her attention between several tourists. However, your benefits are saving much money, making new friends, learn more Tibet travel stories and tips as well as sharing your experience with them while sitting in coach and exploring Tibet. During our small group tours, you will travel by one of our clean, safe and comfortable buses shared with other tourists. Want to have a fixed departured Tibet tour? Let's join in the unbeatable money-saving small group tours of Tibet and make friends from all around the globe.

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Trip Planning FAQs

How many people will be in each tour group?
Group sizes vary from trip to trip. Our tour groups are average of around 8-10 tourists, with a maximum of 12 to ensure the quality of our service.
How many people are needed for a tour group? If no one else joins in the group, will it be cancelled?
When you book the group from our company, once the deposit payment is received, no matter how many people will join in the group, the trip will be guaranteed unless there is an uncontrolled situation (such as political factors or Tibet stops being open to foreign tourists).
Do we need to gather together in the same city to enter Tibet?
Customers who join in the group don't have to go to a designated city to gather. You can either take a train or plane from any mainland city to Lhasa. We will process the Tibet Permit application respectively for each customer.
Is there only one Tibet Permit for a group?
Every customer needs a Tibet Permit and we will process the Tibet Permit application respectively for each customer. If there are 10 people in a group, 10 Tibet Permit are needed for each customer to enter Tibet from different mainland cities either by train or by air. Therefore, customers who join in the group can choose where and how to enter Lhasa in Tibet, as long as you arrive in Lhasa on the designated arrival date of the group.
What are the quality standards of the hotels for the tour group? Can I pick a hotel?
At present, the hotels for our tour groups are carefully selected to satisfy our customers the most with a fair price. At present, the starting standard we provide is economical. If you prefer a higher standard, you can upgrade the room to a more comfortable one. Due to limited conditions in Tibet, you can only upgrade the room to a five-star standard one in Lhasa, Shigatse, and Nyingchi (Five-star hotels are only available in these 3 cities). If you have any other specific concerns about the accommodation conditions, please contact our travel consultants.
May I book a hotel by myself?
Customers can book the hotel by themselves. Please confirm with the hotel whether they are qualified to host foreigners. In Tibet, foreign customers can only choose hotels which are qualified for hosting foreigners. In some remote areas, since there are only small inns, motels or guest houses, you may not be able to book online. In this case, we can book it for you. Therefore, if you prefer to book the hotel yourself, please confirm with your travel consultant in advance for us to make better arrangements for you.
What kind of vehicles are used for the tour group?
The vehicles we use vary according to the size of the groups. At present, the vehicles range from 7-passenger minivans to 23 – passenger buses.
Will there be any shopping stops for the tour group?
All our tour groups are none-shopping tour groups. The tour guide will not take the customers to any shopping places to spend money. Visitors can purchase souvenirs to their own preferences.
Are the costs of the tickets for the attractions listed on the itinerary included in the payment for the group tour? Do I have to visit every attraction on the itinerary?
The price of tickets for attractions in Tibet varies from busy seasons to off seasons. In this winter, many places and some temples are even free to visit. Therefore, tickets cost is not included in the group tours. On one hand, tourists can pay the tour guide according to the actual ticket price. On the other hand, tourists who are not interested in visiting temples can save some money by not paying the entrance fee.
How much luggage am I allowed to bring? Are there any restrictions for the luggage I bring?
Luggage limit mainly depends on the airlines requirements. For airlines in mainland China, free luggage is limited to one backpack or suitcase per passenger weighing 20kg or less (except for low-cost airlines). Excess luggage will be charged at 15% of the full ticket price / kg (please check with the airlines), while there is no restriction to the luggage Weight on trains. When arriving in Tibet, the coaches have no restrictions on the weight nor size of the luggage. No fees will be charged for luggage either.
How can I make a reservation for visiting the Potala Palace?
Tickets are not included in our package, but we will help our customers to make reservations for the Potala Palace in advance to guarantee their visit on the appointed day.
Are there many restaurants along the way of the group tour? Can I freely choose what I like to eat?
Dietary conditions are normally limited in Tibet expect for some big cities such as Lhasa and Shigatse. Customers can choose restaurants they prefer or try some restaurants the tour guide recommend as well. As long as time allows, you can choose where you like to dine in Lhasa or Shigatse. But once being out of the urban area, there are basically Sichuan restaurants along the way without many other options. Since the time for having meals is limited on the way, generally the whole tour group will dine in the same restaurant.
Is there any vegetarian restaurant in Tibet? Where I am supposed to eat at if I am a vegetarian?
In Tibet, there are some vegetarian restaurants in big cities such as Lhasa. But there are no vegetarian restaurants along the way due to limited conditions. Please communicate with the tour guide in advance if you are a vegetarian. The tour guide will help our customers to order vegetarian dishes in the restaurant and let the chef prepare vegetarian meals for you.
Is the tour guide Tibetan?
Some of our tour guides are Tibetans, and some are not. They are either natives to Tibet or from other cities. However, our tour guides all have been working in Tibet for many years. They have a profound knowledge and understanding of Tibet's history, culture and customs. They are very experienced in how to serve our customers and handle the altitude sickness.
Can one person alone join in your tour group?
The original intention of gathering a tour group is to save the costs for those who travels alone. So you are welcome to join in our tour group by yourself.
Can the travel agency book the air/train tickets for me? How much it will cost?
For customers who participate in our group (whether it is a join-in group or a private group), we provide air/train tickets booking service. The price of the air/train tickets vary according to different seasons or flights, etc. If you need to book a ticket/train ticket, please contact our travel consultant for the latest air/train tickets’ price information.
What happens if I had an altitude sickness during the tour?
If an acute altitude sickness occurs to you during the tour. You can breathe oxygen for an immediate relief (a 4L oxygen cylinder for each passenger will be provided on the car). If you need to see a doctor, the driver or the guide will accompany you to the clinic/hospital in Lhasa or Shigatse. If you happen to be in a remote area such as Everest Base Camp, you will be taken to the nearest clinic to be treated (the cost of the car and medical expenses need to be paid by the customers themselves).
Is there any age limit for participating in the group?
There is no clear age restriction for Tibet tours has no clear age limit. So far, the youngest customer we had was 4 years old and the oldest was 70 years old. If you are planning to travel to Tibet, please consult your doctor for professional advice on whether your health condition allows you to go to Tibet.
If you have to withdraw halfway through the tour because of the altitude sickness, can I have a refund?
If you need to end the trip and leave early due to an altitude sickness or other emergencies, your payment for the unconsumed items and the hotel will be refunded according to the actual conditions. If you share the payment for a hotel room with another group member, the number of rooms booked will be the same and the payment will not be refunded.
If I join in the tour group by myself, do I have to pay a single room supplement?
If you join in our group by yourself, we will try to find another single customer of the same gender to share a room with you if you like, which can help you to save a single room supplement.
How do I get my Tibetan Permit? Can you send it to where I live in my country?
The Tibet Permit is not allowed to be delivered to foreign countries. On the one hand, the Tibet Permit will usually be ready 7-10 days before you enter Tibet. So there may not be enough time to send it abroad. On the other hand, there is a risk of losing it by shipping. Tibet Permit is a very important document and you are required to show the original one to board if you are taking an airplane to enter Tibet. We will mail it to the mainland city where our customer is flying from, or it will be delivered to your hotel or the airport of your departure flight. If you are taking a train to enter Tibet, you only need to print out an A4-size color copy of the Tibet Permit after we send a scanned copy of it to your mailbox, which will enable you to board the train.
What is an economy hotel? What is the level of an economy hotel?
The standard of a economy hotel is of about 3-star. Not every hotel in Tibet have a star-rating. The hotel we use for our tour group is as good as or even better-facilitated than some 3 star hotels. We pick the hotels according to their actual conditions including the facilities and services instead of just the star-rating. Due to limited resources in Tibet, the general level of the hotels cannot be compared with those in other big cities in China. Your understanding is highly appreciated.
Do I have to take a designated train or plane to arrive in Lhasa to make for the pick-up shuttle?
As long as you arrive in Lhasa on the agreed designated date, no matter what time it is, whether it is a train or an airplane, our agency provides free shuttle service. The same applies to the drop-off services. As long as you leave on the same day after the group tour ends, you will be provided free drop-off service for you train or plane any time on that day.
24. Are there any discount for tickets of attractions in Tibet? Is there a discount for the elderly or children?
Currently, Tibet's ticket discount policy is only applicable to people from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, not for foreigners.
In Everest Base Camp or Namtso where there are only guest houses or tents, can 2 people share a room?
There are only one big long bed in the tents of Everest Base Camp. Generally, 8-12 people share one tent. When in the peak seasons, more people will share one tent, so there is no room for just 2 people. There are 2-person rooms in the guest houses in Namtso, which is more expensive. If you prefer to have a 2-person room by yourself, please contact our travel consultant to upgrade it and pay the single room supplement.