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Avoid Sunburn in Tibet

Proper exposure to direct sunlight has been known to cure many ailments as it triggers the skin to produce Vitamin D. But excessive exposure to direct sunlight In strong sunray can cause sunburn which is harmful for one's health that may lead to skin cancer. Tibet's high altitude and the atmosphere allow the sun's solar radiation to strike the earth with unusual intensity at all times of year can cause Sun burn. It is easy to get sun burn in Tibet. Sunburn can be more than just uncomfortable. How to avoid yourself getting sunburnt in Tibet is one of important things in Tibet Tour. Here are some things to follow.

1. Sunscreen lotion (U.V.lotion) with a high sun protection factor (SPF>30) is a must to bring to avoid sunburn. good quality lotion will contain sun protection factor (SPF).

2. To protect your eyes and skin, wear sunglasses and use hats. Bring a sunhat (A wide brimmed hat), sunglasses (Preferably without a metal frame), completely cover the exposed parts of your body. good quality sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are good means of protection.

3. Apply the sunscreen to your nose and lips and note how many hours it works.

4. You can also using saleratus, or the fresh aloe-vera gel to protect sunburn.

5. The use of certain drugs such as the antibiotic Tetracyclinc can render a person more sun-sensitive, and result in bad sunburn. Don't use drugs random in Tibet.

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