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Tibet Budget Group Tour

Tibet Join-in Tour (Seat-in-Coach Tour) with a small group of tourists is a more economic means for the more budget-conscious. Compared with our private tours, your guide who speaks good English and be knowledgeable about Tibet, will divide his or her attention between several tourists. However, your benefits are saving much money, making new friends, learn more Tibet travel stories and tips as well as sharing your experience with them while sitting in coach and exploring Tibet. During our small group tours, you will travel by one of our clean, safe and comfortable buses shared with other tourists. Want to have a fixed departured Tibet tour? Let's join in the unbeatable money-saving small group tours of Tibet and make friends from all around the globe.

Tibet Coach Tour Package

4-Day Tibet Join-in Group TourCode:TT61From:USD310

Trip Highlights- This Join-in group tour offers Lhasa city sightseeing in small groups. Lhasa, capital of the Tibet A...

5-Day Tibet Join-in Group TourCode:TT62From:USD495

Trip Highlights- Lhasa Namtso Join-in Group Tour includes an excursion to Namtso Lake in the small group trip after e...

8-Day Tibet Join-in Group Tour to EBCCode:TT64From:USD700

Trip Highlights- In this Join-in Group Tour to Mt. Everest Base Camp, you will immerse yourself in the rich history a...

8-Day Tibet Join-in Tour to KathmanduCode:TT65From:USD900

Trip Highlights- This Lhasa Kathmandu Join-in Tour is a small group trip from Tibet to Nepal. You may have not enough...

10 Day Tibet Join-in Group TourCode:TG001From:788

Trip Highlights- 2017 join in group tour,tibet.tw provide you with the most classic join in group tour:10 days trip t...

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User Comments

Question:We are considering joining in a Tibet group tour. We will start April 2011 from Lhasa for a few days. I would prefer a small, organized and cheap group tour.

Answer:We are glad to provide you with cheap small group tours in Tibet with fixed departure dates and guaranteed service. Please review our page of Tibet Join-in Group Tours and inquire the one you are interested in.

Question:I’m wondering if there is anyway to travel in Tibet without being on a tour? Or are there Tibet tours that are very basic and cheap? I just got my multi entry Chinese visa, but I'd love to add Tibet on. Any suggestion?

Answer:There are surely ways to enter Tibet without a group but that would be illegal. So you need to join a tour group to Tibet. We have budget Tibet small group tours for your reference. I think that will suit you.

Question:My husband and I plan to visit Tibet on 1st April 2011 for 4 nights and depart on 5th April. We want to book your 5-day Join-In Tour. Does the package include 3 meals daily? 5-day Join-In Tour is USD440 per pax, if we want to stay in 5-star hotel, is it possible and how much will the price be? Thank you.

Answer:Our join in tour package only includes breakfast daily. Lunch and Dinner are on your own. But our guide will give you recommendations according to your taste. Hotels we offer in the join in tour are 3 Star standard which enjoy good and convenient location in Lhasa city area. Well, it is possible for you to change your hotels and we would like to help the booking. The price difference is on your own.

Question:I want to join the Join-in Group Tour and have a few questions as follow: 1) To join the 1st April 2011 tour, when is the deadline to submit booking? 2) What is the usual number of tourists per group? 3) Are your vehicles air-conditioned? 4) Are your guides Tibetan? Waiting for your reply.

Answer:Considering the time we need to apply the Tibet Permit and book hotels for you, we suggest you book the join in tour at least one month before the departure time. 2. Our join in tours are small group tours with 8-12 tourists. 3. Yes. All of our vehicles are clean, good-conditioned, with A/C and skilled driver and only for foreign tourists. 4. Most of our tour guide are local tibetans.

What Our Customers Say

We've just been back from our Tibet Tour for two weeks. Everything in this Tibet travel was so perfect as what we could expect. We first picked our dates, got our own flights and contact Itourstibet.com. They are so professional in arranging Tibet tours and really helpful in obtaining our Tibet Travel Permit and giving practical Tibet travel information...