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A wonderful tour package to Tibet can be one's greatest dream or an adventure of lifetime. We have explored every corner of Tibet and we know how to design the best Tibet tours. No matter you are planning to get in Tibet by air or via train, our Tibet tour packages will help you arrange the best accommodations and transportation around this virtual paradise. Either you want to spend a few days in the capital of Lhasa or two weeks touring monasteries and seeing Mt. Everest, our Tibet tour consultants are glad to offer alternative tour itineraries and help with customized Tibet tour packages to appeal to the particular interests. Our specially pre-arranged tour products to Tibet are provided below. You and your dream Tibet tour package are just a click away!

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User Comments

Question:After viewing all of your Tibet tour packages, I found none of them could meet our needs. My wife and I are planning to travel to Lhasa, Shigatse, Nagqu, Mt. Everest Base Camp and overland to Nepal. Can you provide such tour packages like this?

Answer:We have made an trial itinerary on base of your requirements and sent it to your email. Please check. Feel free to contact us if there is anything cannot meet your satisfaction. We would like to provide customized Tibet tour package for you.

Question:We would like to take a Tibet tour, but we heard it might not be possible in March. Do you have any information on this?

Answer:As far as we know that there have been many applications of Tibet travel permit for the coming March suspended or denied. No one really knows when the application can be resumed. And Tibet Tour in this May, will not be easy either. We suggest travelers who plan to travel to Tibet in March postpone their Tibet tours till at least end of May.

Question:I’ve been reading some ads of Tibet tours. Some of them starts from India, while the others are China Tibet tours. Which way is better? If I want a Tibet tour through China, do you have any suggestions?

Answer:Tibet is part of China and it is better to do the Tibet tour from China. Welcome to view our China Tibet tour packages for reference. Apart from Tibet, we also recommend Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, and maybe with Guilin as your destinations in China. Feel free to let us know your ideas.

Question:My family and I need a tour to Tibet, and perhaps other cities of China, from Beijing in July. We need a reliable China Tibet tour operator that could help us handle the permit and tours. Can you help?

Answer:We are an experienced China tour operator with a branch in Tibet. We would like to help you with your China Tibet tour. We have some tour packages online for your reference. If none of them can meet your needs, we are glad to customize your Tibet tour with other destinations you are interested in China.

Question:We are planning a trip to Tibet in 1st week of August this year. For this purpose I would like to get an example tour itinerary and a quote. Our requirements would be: 4 people, tour starting in Beijing, 8-9 days, All permits, tickets, hotels and transport included. Please also quote the currency and mode in which payment is to be made.

Answer:We are very glad to hear from you. And it's a great honor for us to give you an arrangement for your Tibet Tour. I have made an initial tour itinerary for you, pleaes check and let me know your idea.

Question:I am would like to start the tour in Beijing, travel by Train to Lhasa, than Lhasa to Kathmandu 10 days. Can you organize it? Also Permits for Tibet?

Answer:I am sorry to tell you that we can not arrange the tour to Lhasa, because it is not open till now because of politic reason. The tours won’t be available until we are informed by government. If your arrival dates are firm, we suggest that you had better choose the other cities in China.

What Our Customers Say

We've just been back from our Tibet Tour for two weeks. Everything in this Tibet travel was so perfect as what we could expect. We first picked our dates, got our own flights and contact Itourstibet.com. They are so professional in arranging Tibet tours and really helpful in obtaining our Tibet Travel Permit and giving practical Tibet travel information...