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Tibet Travel Guide is dedicated to provide the general information you want to know about Tibet travel. Our Tibet regional guide will enrich your knowledge about different parts of this holy land. At the same time, here you can find detailed information about the featured travel attractions. As most Tibet travel guide books say, it takes a year or even a lifetime to explore this pure paradise. As soon as you step onto this mysterious land and follow the tracks of the pilgrims, you will not only be immediately attracted by the snow-clad peaks, the wonderful mountains and rivers, but also the brilliant Tibetan culture and the unique, mysterious customs of the highland. Tibet travel is famous for its imposing scenery, culture and history, which firmly rooted in Tibetan religion. Hope Tibet Travel Guide will offer good references when you planning your Tibet trips.

Tibet Regional Guide

Details.. Lhasa Travel Guide

Lhasa tours will take you to the amazing capital of the Tibet. Known as the holy land, Lhasa is an important center of Tibetan politics, economy, culture, and religion. Lhasa is a unique travel destination situated...

Details.. Shigatse Travel Guide

Shigatse tours lead you to the most colorful area in Tibet with vast grasslands, fertile fields in river valleys, flourishing semitropical jungles and snowfields at high altitudes. Shigatse is the second biggest city in ...

Details.. Nyingchi Travel Guide

Nyingchi tour will take you to the native land of Menba and Luoba people who have plenty of very typical traditional living customs and religious beliefs. Nyingchi, "throne of the sun" in Tibetan, is located in the south...

Tibet Top Attractions focus on displaying the most famous and popular tourists sights and travel spots in Tibet. Selected from tens of natural and historical Tibet attractions, what we list here are the best things to do and the must-see for sightseeings during your Tibet tour.

Mt. Everest, with a altitude of 8,844.43 meters high, is the highest mountain in the world. It is the mountain peak in the Himalayas of ...

The Potala Palace is a magnificent building situated on the top of Marpo Ri Hill (also called Red Hill) in the center of Lhasa city, wid...

Jokhang Temple is located at the center of the ancient city of Lhasa, first constructed in the seventh century (647A.D.) during the time...

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Question:Hi. If we book your Tibet tour, could you provide a Tibetan tour guide? German-speaking is better, because we are from Austria. Besides, will it be the same guide during our Tibet tour?

Answer:Hello. We have many tourists ask for Tibetan tour guide and we are glad to provide the guide service. We have not only English-speaking tour guides, but also guides who speak German, Spanish, etc. However, I should to remind you that Germany-speaking guide service will be a little expensive. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Question:Is it really necessary to have a Tibetan guide during my travel to Tibet? Our travel agent suggest arranging us a guide and drive in Tibet. We are so independent travellers being around the world. Do we really need that?

Answer:I think you will benefit from your Tibet guide and driver, because they were Tibetian who will go into a lot of detail on each place that you cannot do on your own. I'm sure Tibet guide service can provide good feedback on your travel experiences in Tibet!

Question:My wife and I plan travel to Tibet in Mar. But it is said that Tibet may be closed to foreigners till April. Is that true? And do foreigners have to get a permit to Tibet through a travel angency or deal with it ourselves? Thanks very much for your kind help!

Answer:No official news is issued and everthing is unsure.It is better to s get the Tibet travel permit through Travel Agency or you can join in a group in which the service in included.