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Chamdo tours show you the cradle of Khamba culture, the most characteristic part in Tibet. Chamdo possesses a strategically geographical position. With a broad land and relatively large population, it is regarded as the East Gate of the Tibet. Chamdo has an average altitude of over 3,500 meters, with a complicated topography and wonderful landscapes. Chamdo has a glorious and long history as well as miraculous culture. The human existence in the area dates back to the Neolithic Period over 4,000 years ago. In Chamdo, there are many tourist sites located amid snow-capped mountains, fast-running rivers, thundering waterfalls, and dense forests. Then there are ancient monasteries, buildings, steles, villages and workshops... so many travel spots which can be dated back to ancient times. Travel to Chamdo, you will enjoy the convenient transportation, tourist facilities. Scattered many tourist attractions, ancient monasteries, buildings and steles, Chamdo is a splendid destination to to take a day off from the constant travel.

Chamdo Tour Attractions

Details.. Chambaling Monastery

Chambaling Monastery, located in the crisscrossing mountain ranges between the Ngom Qu and Tsarchu Rivers, was founded during the Ming period by a disciple of Tsongkapa, after Tson...

Details.. Zezhol Monastery

Zezhol Monastery in Chamdo is situated at an altitude of 4,800 meters on Zezhol Hill, one of the 4 holy mountains in Bon religion. Zezhol Monastery is the largest monastery of the ...

Details.. Riwooe Monastery

The Riwooe Monastery, originally belong to the Darlung Gagyu Sect, was built in 1277 by Sanggyiwen, son of the 4th Prince of Dharma of the Darlung Monastery according to legend. La...

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