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Tibet Train Facilities

As the Tibet train runs on the world's highest railway, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the trains are tailor-made to handle the special high-altitude conditions to keep passengers comfortable all along the way. The totally enclosed train cars are equipped with heating/air conditioning, oxygen supplies, altitude displays and other advanced amenities. The trains to Tibet are considered to be the most comfortable trains in China. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable environment no matter where they are on the train.

There are three types of coaches on the Tibet train, the first class soft-berth sleeper, the second class soft-berth sleeper and soft seat coaches, which meets different Tourists' demand. Since the journey is really long, most travellers prefer the sleepers.

Besides, passengers can enjoy medical service, English service, and other good necessary services, even folk performances which bring a lot of fun for tourists. Because the train to Tibet runs at high elevation, some passengers might suffer from high altitude sickness. But do not worry too much about it, first aid is easily got. Most importantly, passengers have a wonderful chance to get beathtaking view through the sightseeing windows covered by anti-ultraviolet film. The whole train journey to Lhasa, Tibet, would be full of surprise.

Soft Sleeper Berth Train

oft-berth sleeper is the first class coach on the Tibet train. It's better to reserve the soft sleepers as the Tibet train journey is really long.I

Train Restaurant

Each Tibet train is equipped with a dining cart and restaurant. You can always buy a snack as well inside the train or at stops. There are 3 meals

Oxygen Supplier

Being warmly considerate on Oxygen supply, Tibet Train offers two sets of Oxygen supply system. There are oxygen supply tube on each cabin for emer

Bathroom on Train

There are neat bathrooms and sink areas on the Tibet train. On one side is an Asian toilet and on the other side is a Western toilet.

Hard Sleeper Berth Train

Hard-berth sleeper is the second class coach on the Tibet train. There are 6 beds with 3 levels in a compartment of Hard-berth sleeper.

Recommend Tibet Train Travel & Tour
What an exciting experience it would be to take a Tibet Train Tour! In the past traveling to Tibet is a remote dream. The poor accessibility and appalling high altitude made many people hesitate to step on this mysterious and enchanting land. It is now possible to go to Tibet by train via the Qinghai-Tibet railway. As a professional Tibet tour operator, we are reliable if you would like to experience the Tibet train tour for yourself. Please understand the fact that it is sometimes more difficult to purchase train tickets for trains going to Tibet than for trains leaving Tibet. So we strongly advise going to Tibet by plane, and experiencing the Qinghai-Tibet railway on the return trip, which has the identical experience. The outgoing train tickets from Tibet are more guaranteed. The Tibet Train Tour we provide will give you a great enjoyment and a unique experience on the roof of the world.
Tibet Train Facilities & FAQs
We guess you are now very excited, because you are about to start a new journey, take the world's highest altitude train to Tibet which known as the roof of the world. Before you start this journey, it is better to understand some of the Frequently Asked Questions of Tibet train travel and some knowledge of this special railway and prepare something necessary in advance.

Tibet Train Ticket Booking/Reservation

Welcome to Tibet Odyssey Tours. We offer China Tibet train tickets booking service and China tibet tour service. Please tell us your travel plan an

How About Meals on Tibet Train

Each Tibet train is equipped with a dining cart and restaurant. You can always buy a snack as well inside the train or at stops. There are 3 meals

What's On

How can foreign tourists book train tickets themselves

There are four ways to book a train ticket:
Mainland Chinese with a citizen ID card can register in the official website of the Ministry of Railways ( to buy a ticket online. So if you have a Chinese friend from mainland China, you can ask your friend to book it for you.
Foreigners can purchase train tickets on Ticket-booking websites such as Ctrip, Fliggy and Qunar. The tickets can be hard to get during the peak season for travel to Tibet, so you are suggested to book ahead of time.
Foreigners can also buy a ticket directly from the train station with a valid passport. But since the train ticket is available 30 days or less ahead, it can be hard for you to get one during the peak season.
Foreigners can also book the train ticket through a travel agency. Our agency provides train ticket booking service. Please contact us if you need help.

Can I book the same compartment for me and my companions

Normally you cannot choose a compartment when booking a train ticket, especially in the peak season. When we book the tickets for you, we will try our best to meet your preferences, but please be aware it is not guaranteed.

Can the travel agency designate a shift of the train

At present, there is only one shift of the train from Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou to Lhasa. There are more shifts from Lanzhou, Xi'an, Xi’ning to Lhasa, in which you can pick a preferred one. Please check with the agency in advance if you have a special requirement for the train shift. We will try our best to meet your preferences, but please be aware it is not guaranteed.

Can I ask for an upper or lower berth when booking my train ticket with the travel agency

The agency normally books the train ticket for you through the website of the Ministry of Railways, which does not enable designation of the berth. You can only designate the type of the sleepers (a hard sleeper or a soft one).

How far in advance should I book a train ticket

According to the current policy, the train ticket can be booked 30 days in advance. In case the tickets are sold out, you are recommended to book it 30 days in advance whether you purchase it yourself or through our agency.

If I book a train ticket through the agency, will the ticket be guaranteed

All our customers who book their train tickets through our agency, their tickets are guaranteed.

Is there a discount for children’s train tickets

Children who are below 1.2 meters can take the train for free with adults. Children whose height is between 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters need to buy train tickets at a half of the price of the adults’ ones for the hard seats. Children with a child ticket will be charged the full price of the soft sleeper when using the sleeper alone.

After the train ticket is successfully booked, how can I get the ticket

If you purchase the tickets on the website of 12306 or other ticket-booking websites, you can pick up their tickets by the order number and valid passport from the train station.
If you book your tickets through our agency, our staff will deliver the ticket to the city where you are going to take the train .

What is the difference between a soft sleeper and a hard sleeper

There are 2 upper berths and 2 lower berths in a soft sleeper compartment for 4 passengers. A hard sleeper compartment is of 2 upper berths, 2 middle berths and 2 lower berths for 6 passengers. The soft sleeper compartment is of more space than the hard sleeper apartment.
The soft sleeper compartment has a door that can be closed, while there is no door in the hard sleeper.
The bed in the soft sleeper is more comfortable and wider than the bed of the hard sleeper compartment.
The soft sleeper compartment is equipped with better lights, slippers, hangers, etc., which are nor provided in the hard sleeper compartment .

Is the train equipped with oxygen supply

The Qinghai-Tibet train will provide oxygen supplement from Golmud to Lhasa. The train is completely enclosed and smoking is not allowed.
Trains running along the Qinghai-Tibet line are equipped with independent oxygen generators that produce oxygen-enriched air to supply oxygen to passengers in two ways: one is to supply oxygen to the interior compartment through air conditioning to meet the needs of passengers to provide oxygen supplement on the plateau; the other way is to through the oxygen supply pipelines which are evenly distributed around the seats in case the emergency happens when some passenger feels uncomfortable while riding on the train. The oxygen concentration from the pipelines is generally of 40-50%, which can immediately relief an acute altitude-sickness.
Generally speaking, since there are fewer passengers in the sleeper compartments, the oxygen concentration is higher than the hard-seat compartments which are shared by more passengers. It is recommended to choose the sleeper if it is your first time to go to Tibet.
In addition to the oxygen supply equipment, there are also doctors and nurses. If you feel unwell, the conductor will call a doctor to come .

It is still possible to have an altitude sickness by train to Tibet

The altitude sickness is caused by the pressure difference between the exterior and the interior body, which causes the unease of the head, stomach, and intestines of a person. Therefore, if the train only supplement oxygen without increasing the air pressure when it is at an altitude of 5,000 meters from Golmud, most tourists will have headaches and upset stomachs. Especially when the train crosses over the Tanggula Mountain, there will be obvious symptoms. In addition, the train ride is long and the conditions on the train are limited, so it is easy for people to feel tired during the ride. So please stay alert to the altitude sickness while you are on the train.

What to see along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway? Is it possible to see the Qinghai Lake

The Qinghai-Tibet train passes by Qinghai Lake and Hoh Xil. But you can only see them when it is during the day.

What are the choices for meals on the train

There are packed meal boxes selling on the train when it is time for meals. The conductor will push the trolley to sell them at a price of 15-30 yuan. Normally there are 2 dishes with a serving of rice;
You can bring a pack of instant noodles or buy instant noodles on the train. The boiled water on the train is available 24 hours.
You can also bring your own food and snacks, or you can buy bread, biscuits, drinks, etc. on the train.
There is a dinning compartment on the train, so you can also order food in the dining compartment.

Are things sold on the train expensive

The things sold on the train are more expensive. For example, a bottled water normally sells for 2 yuan will be about 5 yuan a bottle. Passengers are advised to bring some bottled water and snacks to the train.

Is there any baggage limit on the train

There is generally no limit to the baggage on the train, except for the prohibited items (such as the flammable and the explosive, guns, etc.). There are no clear restrictions on the weight nor the size of the luggage on the train either.

Can I take a shower on the train

There is no place for you to take a shower on the train. Only the sink and the toilet are available on the train.

Is there WIFI or internet on the train

WIFI is not available on the train, but you can use your own data of your mobile phone.

Will the signal of my phone be good while I am on the train

Most of the time the signal of mobile phones is good on the train. When crossing over a mountain or through a tunnel, the signal will be intermittent.

Can I charge my phone on the train

There are sockets on the train for passengers to charge phones in the aisle. You can find them under the small table, on both sides of the washstand. In case some sockets may not work, you are suggested to bring your power bank as well.