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Norbulingka Park Tour

Norbulingka Park, located in the western suburb of Lhasa City, at the bank of the Kyichu River, is the Tibetan counterpart to the Qing emperor's Summer Palace in Beijing. Norbulingka means "Treasure Park" in Tibetan language; it is the largest man-made gardens in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with the highest gardening level artistic level. Norbulingka Park, covering an area of 46 acres, with 370 rooms of different sizes, borrowed the architectural style from the inland areas of China while maintaining and reflecting the local ethnic religious and natural features. Norbulingka Park, preserved intact until now and never damaged or changed in history, was first built in the middle 18th century and it used to be the place where Dalai Lama handled with affairs and held religious activities from April to September each year. Now it has converted to a park and opened to the public.

The architecture of Norbulingka combines the characteristics of temple and villa and is more magnificent than other palaces. It consists of several palace complexes. Each of them is divided into three sections: the palace section, the section in front of the palaces and the forest section. Its main buildings are the Kelsang Potrang, Golden Linka Potrang, Takten Migyur Potrang and Tsokyil. The coverage of woods takes up about half of Norbulingka. In addition, there are also flowers, pond, fish, even swan inside Norbulingka. In spring, a blossom scene will appear. All of these may make you wonder if you are in Qinghai-Tibet Platean or not. Reflecting the ethnical, religious features of the Tibetan people and embodying the architecture style of inland China, Norbulingka has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in December 2001 as an extension of Potala Palace.

Compared with other famous attractions in Lhasa, Norbulingka is a little bit different. Without noise and stream of people, what you can experience here is the atmosphere of peace, leisure and tranquility. There are less people in Norbulingka. The people coming here are usually Tibetan families who would like to enjoy their day under the blue sky and breathe the fresh air among the woods. Want to experience the feeling of tranquility in your Tibet tour? Come to Norbulingka! It will be an ideal choice and a worthwhile destination to visit. Here is some guide information for your tour to Norbulingka: Admission Fee: CNY 60; Opening Hours: 09:00 to 12:00 in the morning, 15: 00 to 16:00 in the afternoon. Address: Norbulingka Road, Chengguan Disctrict, Lhasa city; Contact Number: 86-0891-6826274

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