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Potala Palace

Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

Though you may have seen Potala Palace many times on TV, nothing truly prepares you for the real big thing, when gazing at it so up-close with an awestruck face. As the most iconic architecture and top UNESCO world heritage Site in Tibet, Potala Palace (3750m) overlooks the holy Lhasa city, with its majestic presence on the tip of Red Hill.

Too many, visiting Potala Palace is the very moment of the life bucket fulfilled. The distinct Tibetan aesthetic of castle-like building, rich Tibetan history and countless religious and cultural treasure inside the Potala Palace will leave you spellbound.To facilitate your travel, we present you with the latest experts’ guide on Potala Palace travel and tours below.

Latest News:: To properly protect the cultural relics of Potala Palace and ease the growing pressure of tourist reception during the high season, a new travel route has been available to international tourists since, July 23, 2018, if the daily tourist flow exceeds 5,000.

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