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Tibet Weather in April

What is the Tibet weather like in April? How is the temperature in Tibet in April? This article is going to give you a brief introduction of the Tibet weather in April as well as some important notes you should bear in mind while travelling Tibet in April

Tibet Weather in April:

The average temperature in Lhasa (an altitude of 3600+ ) in April is 1 °C ~ 16 °C. Other areas where travelers normally go such as Shannan, Shigatse and Nyingchi will be involved (excluding Everest, Namtso, etc.) are of the same average temperature. It is still very cold in some areas of a higher altitude such as Ali area, which is of about minus 13 ° C - 12 ° C.

What to wear in April:

If you are afraid of being cold and easy to catch a cold, you are strongly recommended to wear more if you are going to Tibet in April. Down jackets and thicker sweaters will be needed if you are going out at night, when it is barely 0°C degrees.

You don’t have to wear too many clothes during the day when it is mostly sunny. But it will be cool when it is in the shade. So it is better for you to bring clothes for two seasons - spring, and early winter. Please at least bring a light down jacket a fleece jacket for spring or early winter.

Tibet Travel Guide in April:

In addition to Lhasa, Nyingchi, Shannan, Shigatse and other places are also good for travel throughout the year. It is particularly important to note that March and April are the best time to go to Everest Base Camp in Tibet.

Many outdoor enthusiasts go climbing in April, because it doesn’t snow and it is very sunny during this time, when it stands a greater chance of seeing the whole profile of Mount Everest. Namtso is good to visit in April as well, but it is still frozen and will not completely melt until early May. It is also recommended to go to Nyingchi in early April, when the peach blossoms are in beautiful blooming.

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