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Tibet Weather in August

August is the rainy season in Tibet. This month's precipitation is relatively large normally when it mostly rains at night. It does not rain much during the day, and the sun is bright with strong ultraviolet rays. Sun protection is needed, while an umbrella and raincoat may occasionally be needed as well. It feels very comfortable and mild in Tibet in August. Due to the rain, it feels damp and the oxygen content is also high. The average temperature is between 10° and 25°. It does not feel hot and humid, which makes it a perfect resort for summer vacation. If it rains a little in the evening, even sleeping is a special poetic enjoyment.

The average temperature in August in different areas:

Lhasa area: 10 °C — 21 °C.

Ali area: 3 ° C — 24 ° C.

Nyingchi area: 11°C — 22°C

Nagqu area: 3 °C — 15 °C.

Shigatse area: 7 °C — 25 °C

Shannan area: 9°C — 27°C.

August to go to Tibet dressing guide:

If you go to Lhasa in August, Shannan, Nyingchi, and other places of a low altitude feel cool and comfortable. The temperature is about 22°C in the sunny day. It feels good staying indoors, there is no need for neither air conditioning nor a fan. But sun protection is surely needed when you go outdoors. During the day, you can wear thin long-sleeved shirts, loose sweatpants, and light sports shoes. For sun protection, shorts and short sleeves are not recommended. In the early morning and late evening when it is cool, a thin jacket can be added.

If you go to Ali, Nagqu and other places of a high altitude, you can wear thin long pants during the day. While in the evening, a down jacket may be needed when the temperature in some places drops to below zero. For shoes, it is advisable to use high-top outdoor shoes. You’ll feel more comfortable by wearing clothes made of cotton which is more breathable. If you are going to Namtso and Everest to travel, please bring warm clothes such as down jackets no matter what season you go. These places are always cold and windy, and the heat of the sun cannot make them much warmer, so you are suggested to do a good job to stay warm.

If you are going to Namtso and Everest to travel, please bring warm clothes such as down jackets no matter what season you go. These places are cold even during the day and it also snows sometimes. A warm jacket will be needed when the temperature in these places drops to below zero. So please try to stay warm and stay away of getting colds.

Tibet travel guide in August:

Tibet in August is a summer resort, it is always around 20°C, which is just as having natural air conditioning.

Nyingchi: Besides enjoying the peach blossoms in spring. Nyingchi in the summer is of a forever 20°C cool breeze. You will see the Mount Nanjia Bawa playing hide and seek in the clouds with people, the green Lulang Forests Sea and Bomi Spruce Forest, the secret lotus Motuo surrounded in clouds and steaming fog and the wild flowers and plants blooming in Nanyi Valley.

Shigatse: Shigatse is known as the “best and most beautiful manor”. The name of it already makes you feel cool. Once you know that Mount Everest is also here, it may make you feel chilly as well. The Shigatse area is known as the source of thousands of mountains and rivers. The summer scenery is amazingly attractive with the snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest, the beautiful primary forest belts, the high mountains, the holy lakes, the grasslands, the mysterious and legendary temples and the unique post-Tibetan cultures and customs.

Shannan: Shannan is located between the Himalayas and the Gangdese Mountains. It spans the north and south of the Yarlung Zangbo River and is one of the birthplaces of Tibetan culture. In the summer of Shannan, there is no slight feeling of heat, so you can leisurely enjoy it at any time. The green field of barley waves up and down in the valley, and the flourishing plants grows against the wind over the mountains and valleys.

Nagqu: Nagqu County is next to Namtso, where the altitude is above 4,450 meters. The main attractions are Tanggula Mountain, Qiangtang Grassland, the Source of Yangtze River, Selintso Lake, Bata Grassland, Damu Temple and so on. These places are like natural resorts in the summer.

Notes for Tibet travel in August:

Whenever you come to Tibet, it is impossible to ignore the sun protection work. The sun father of Tibet is quite enthusiastic, and the ultraviolet rays are strong.

The temperature difference between day and night in Tibet is large. Please try to stay warm and stay away from getting colds. Getting a cold in Tibet can be dangerous sometimes for the high-altitude reasons.

Please be alert to the altitude-sickness. You can drink Rhodiola medicine a couple of weeks Before entering Tibet. Gaoyuan’an is a medicine which can significantly improve the high altitude-sickness. It is not recommended to take a shower for the first 2 or 3 days in Tibet. Please try to rest more and move less as well.

August is the peak season for travel to Tibet. It is recommended to plan and book your hotels and plane/train tickets in advance, since the accommodation and tickets can be difficult to get. Even a ticket for visiting Potala Palace may be really hard to book then.

August is also the rainy season in Tibet. If you are hiking to Ali and Medog, please be aware of the possible natural disasters such as landslides and mudslides. It is recommended to know the local weather before you set off.

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