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Tibet Weather in October

Tibet weather in October:

Tibet enters the dry season in October. It hardly rains the whole month. Even if it occasionally rains at night, it would be cold autumn rain. The sun shines during the day and the ultraviolet rays are strong. Sun protection is needed. Since the National Day holiday, the temperature in Tibet gradually turns cold, and the temperature in the morning and evening gets even lower. In Lhasa, Shannan, Nyingchi and other places, the temperature is about 4°-22°.

It is sunny and comfortable during the day. In the evening, the temperature will drop to a few degrees, but it will not be particularly cold because the climate in Tibet is dry, which is not as humid and cold as some places in the mainland. It feels a bit cold and there are fewer tourists at this time. Since Tibet in October gets more dry, please try to drink more water to stay hydrated as well as keeping your skin moisturized.

Tibet dress code in October:

It is pleasant during the day in Lhasa, Nyingchi and Shannan during the National Holiday season. You can wear a thin T-shirt and a jacket during the sunny day. Underwear made of cotton is recommended. Sports shoes and outdoor shoes are favorable. As it gets colder in early morning and late evening, underneath shirts and pants with down jackets will be needed.

Notes for Tibet travel in August:

The National Day Holiday is the golden week for travel to Tibet, which there will be a lot of tourists. It is recommended to plan and book your hotels in advance, in case the accommodation is not available when you arrive. Even a ticket for visiting Potala Palace may be really hard to book at that time.

It is dry with strong ultraviolet rays in October in Tibet. Please try to drink more water to stay hydrated as well as keeping your skin moisturized.

It feels cold in early morning and late evening in Tibet. Please remember to bring some warm clothes such as sweaters and down jackets to Tibet, especially if you are going to Namtso and Mount Everest.

There are more tourists in Tibet during the National Day Holiday. Please book the hotels in advance in case it may not be available when you arrive.

It feels dry and cold in October in Tibet. The altitude-sickness happens more often to people at this time, so it is recommended to take some medicine before you travel to Tibet.

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