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Tibet Weather in February

What is the Tibet weather like in February? How cold is Tibet in Winter? How is the temperature in Tibet in February? This article is going to give you a brief introduction of the Tibet weather in February as well as some important notes you should bear in mind while travelling Tibet in February.

Tibet weather in February:

Tibet weather in February is dry and cold which is similar to that in January. In most parts of Tibet, the temperature is below 0°C at night. In early February, the temperature in Lhasa is basically between -8 and 8 °C, and it turns to -5 to 12 °C in the late February. It feels warm during the day, but it gets really cold at night. The average temperature in Shigatse in the evening of February is -10 °C, and the average maximum temperature during the day is about -10 °C.

Due to the abundant sunshine, the daytime temperature is about 10 degrees, and it drops below 0 °C at the night. You’d better bring a down jacket or some other warm clothes. Accommodation with heating equipment is recommended as well. Sunglasses and sun protection including sun hats, sunscreens, and lip balms are needed no matter which season you go to Lhasa.

Tibet Travel Guide in February:

In February, Namtso, Ali and Nagqu are too cold to travel, especially in the early morning and late evening. In January, Lake Namtso was basically all covered with ice and snow. The Everest Base Camp has been withdrawn from the camp and it will not be resumed until the spring comes, nor will the Rongbu Temple provide accommodation. Both of these places are popular attractions for regular tourism.

In addition, Ali, Nagqu is not good for sightseeing in January either. It’s very cold in Nagqu and Ali, especially in the morning and evening. At the end of October, Lake Namtso will be closed because of heavy snow.

When you come to Tibet in the winter, tourists usually travel to places like Lhasa, Nyingchi and Shannan. These places are good for sightseeing all year round. Nyingchi and Everest are popular tourist routes in winter in Tibet with the amazing warm weather and clear air. It is even warmer than many places in the mainland during the day because of the bright sunshine.

It is also a good season to see the glaciers and snow-capped mountains, such as Mount Nanga Bawa. The whole mountain is easier to see in winter. The train tickets for entering Tibet in the winter are much easier to book during this season as well.

In late February, Tibetans begins to get ready for the Tibetan New Year and Tibet will not be open to the public. Therefore, the travel agencies close in February. Tibet will not be open until late March and early April for foreign tourists, nor will the Tourism Bureau be open to process the Tibet Permit application. Therefore, tourists who are planning to travel to Tibet in late February or March are suggested to postpone their trip to early April.

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